Basic Lines

Biomedical Engineering Lab

One of the active research areas in Ceit-IK4 is aiming  for solutions of biomedical problems. These activities are developed by the new Tissue Engineering group (2007) and it is complimented by the groups of the various life sciences disciplines in Pamplona in the University of Navarra Campus.

Biomedical Engineering applies principles and concepts from the various engineering fields in order to find solutions to biomedical problems. Research in Biomedical Engineering looks for the development of a new technology, or the combination of several than can be applied to resolving problems.

Ceit-IK4 has amassed wide experience in researching throughout the Departments of Materials, Applied Mechanics, Electronics and Communications, Microelectronics and Environmental Engineering. In recent years a part of the scientific interests of these Departments has been aimed at Biomedicine therefore a scientific convergence towards Bioengineering already exists.

Such convergence has generated another area which has been divided into the following subareas: