CEIT provides microstructural characterization services. The main characteristics are summarised below:

microstructure characterization

  • Optical and electron microscopy (SEM, FEG-SEM, STEM, FIB, TEM)
  • Phase identification (microscopy and X-ray diffraction)
  • Grain size, precipitates, inclusions
  • Welds and HAZ
  • Chemical analysis (LECO, EDS, EELS)
  • Texture and microtexture (X-ray diffraction and EBSD)
  • Local microstructural analysis, i.e. coatings structure and interfaces, using FIB for sample preparation (for FEG-SEM and TEM)
  • Residual stresses in bulk materials and coatings
  • Porosity
  • Profilometry, surface finishing assessment
  • Surface characterisation by AFM