Javier Gil Sevillano, whose professional career spans nearly 40 years, is considered to be an international leader in the study of the properties of materials

 javier gil sevillano


The French Society for Metallurgy and Materials (SF2M) named researcher and professor Javier Gil Sevillano as the 2014 Member of Honour "in recognition of his great scientific achievements in the field of metallurgy and materials science" throughout his nearly 40 years of professional experience.

Dr Gil Sevillano, Director of the Department of Materials Engineering at CEIT-IK4 since 1994 and considered an international leader in the study of the properties of metals, was unanimously recognised by the members of the scientific, industrial and university community that makes up the French professional society SF2M. This is the second time that an expert from Spain has received this distinction; in 1987 it was awarded to TECNUN-University of Navarra Professor José Antonio Pero-Sanz Elorz, under whom Gil Sevillano studied from 1966-1969.

Throughout his scientific career Dr Gil Sevillano has led more than 40 research projects (many of which are of international origin), he has supervised a score of doctoral theses at Tecnun and CEIT, and he has published over 130 articles in scientific journals as author or co-author.

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