Proyect Overview


Production and characterization of laboratory and industrial batches of nano-structrured ODSFS.

Overall Objective

The main objective of this task is to produce at industrial scale tailored nano-structured Oxide Dispersion Strengthened Ferritic Steels (ODS FS) for structural applications in future fusion reactors, such as the plates supporting the tungsten tiles of the First Wall in the European DCLL blanket concept, and the cartridge within the finger-like parts of the European HCLL blanket concept. All the stages of the process, with the exception of the Thermo-Mechanical Treatments (TMTs) (i.e. gas atomization, mechanical alloying, canning, degassing and HIP) will be implemented by industrial companies with which Ceit-IK4 maintains close collaboration. The availability of these industrial facilities will allow adjusting the process parameters and obtaining a tailored product. TMTs will be performed at Ceit-IK4 in a plain strain compression facility that simulates industrial hot rolling process. First laboratory scale batches of ODS FS will be previously produced at Ceit-IK4 to adjust the manufacturing conditions of the whole process.

The main purpose within this task proposed by Ceit-IK4 is to demonstrate the feasibility of a simplified and low cost process to produce ODS FS that involves obtaining ferritic steel powders already containing oxide-dispersion formers after gas atomization (Y in addition to Ti) and avoiding thus the mechanical alloying step traditionally followed to introduce the oxide strengthening phase, normally Y2O3. With this alternative route it is expected to reduce production costs and powder contamination.